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Podcast: Obermeyer Wood's Dollars and Sense - Episode One Thumbnail

Podcast: Obermeyer Wood's Dollars and Sense - Episode One

Education for the Next Generation: Introducing Obermeyer Wood’s Dollars and Sense Podcast 

The transition to becoming an independent and financially responsible adult can be full of both excitement and angst. Becoming increasingly knowledgeable about personal finance during the early stages of that transition expands the number of choices one has as they progress through adulthood. 

Throughout our firm's decades of financial advising, we have noticed a desire among our clients to pass successful habits along to the next generation. To provide them with a helpful resource they can use and share with their adult children, we created a podcast that aims to relay financial literacy principles in an engaging, informative way. Obermeyer Wood’s Dollars and Sense podcast provides young adults with foundational personal finance discussions intended to educate and empower the next generation.  

The topics covered within the podcast range from the basics of budgeting to an introduction to the stock market. Each bite-sized episode is approximately 10 minutes or less and features a variety of our team members who present their expertise and personal experience on the topic at hand.  

We hope that this podcast promotes confidence in one’s financial autonomy and encourages candid conversations about financial health among multiple generations within the family. As a reminder, we are always happy to facilitate such conversations, and we encourage you to reach out to set up a multigenerational meeting if it interests you. 

You can find the podcast on Apple Podcasts and Spotify by searching for “Obermeyer Wood’s Dollars and Sense,” or find each episode under the “Blog” section of our website. 

Click here for episode one's podcast guide.