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Phillips Featured in Barron’s Thumbnail

Phillips Featured in Barron’s

We are excited to share a recent Barron’s Advisor interview with Ali Phillips, Executive Vice President and Partner. In the article, Ali shares how our business has benefitted over the last year and a half through a continued focus on providing superior client service while being open to adapting to the disrupted work environment. Click the link below to read more about our team's experience with making adjustments during the pandemic.

Obermeyer Wood News - Summer 2021 Thumbnail

Obermeyer Wood News - Summer 2021

As investors, staying grounded and focused is critical as we look for high-quality companies that are innovative and strategic, and whose products and services are highly sought after by their customers. Of course, the most important news is that global economic activity is rebounding after a surreal year. We recognize that challenges remain, including inflation concerns, potential tax changes, and lofty valuations in certain assets. However, the healthy earnings of the companies our clients own underpin our focus on staying invested and navigating each of these obstacles as more information comes to light.

Ali Phillips on Selling The Mountain Podcast Thumbnail

Ali Phillips on Selling The Mountain Podcast

Ali Phillips, Executive Vice President and Partner, was a recent guest on the Selling The Mountains podcast hosted by Christian Knapp. The podcast series focuses on the booming mountain town real estate economy and the unique personalities fueling it. Each episode is an insider’s perspective on market trends, lifestyle, success stories, and the business of buying and selling property in the mountains.

Obermeyer Wood News - Spring 2021 Thumbnail

Obermeyer Wood News - Spring 2021

Last spring, we wrote about reasons for hope in a sick economy. We talked about the medical advances that were on the horizon, the swift action our policymakers were taking by injecting $2 trillion into the economy, and how we entered the crisis in a position of strength, with all the tools necessary for a quick recovery. A year later, we have multiple vaccines, the economy is swimming in liquidity, and we are beginning to see one of the strongest recoveries in history. While we did not envision all the ways that the pandemic would upend our lives and change our nation, we are encouraged by how the global situation is improving.

Obermeyer Wood Recognized by Barron’s as Top Advisor Thumbnail

Obermeyer Wood Recognized by Barron’s as Top Advisor

Obermeyer Wood Investment Counsel has been named by Barron’s as one of the top 1200 financial advisors in the country. Wally Obermeyer and Ali Phillips are representing our firm on this year’s list. Obermeyer has been a mainstay on this recognition list for over a decade, and this is Phillip's first time receiving this honor. We are humbled to be the highest-ranked independent advisory in the state, and we are the only such firm in Colorado with two advisors on the list.