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Video: Obermeyer Wood Quarterly Investment Outlook - Winter 2023 Thumbnail

Video: Obermeyer Wood Quarterly Investment Outlook - Winter 2023

In our latest quarterly investment outlook video, Wally Obermeyer, President and Co-Founder, shares our firm's latest views on the economy and markets. We are humble enough to know that we can't precisely predict when the market will bounce back or how long a recovery will take. However, we do know that bear markets and recessions, while scary, are essential parts of the normal market and economic cycles. Through our investment management and financial guidance, we aim to prepare you for a variety of market outcomes by building a well-balanced portfolio that includes sufficient cash to meet your short-term spending needs, allowing you to stay invested for the long term. Please reach out to our team if you would like to schedule a time to talk about your questions, concerns, or updates in your financial situation.